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Where It All Began

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So, where did it all begin? When did my passion for interior design, styling, and renovations start? I was mulling over these questions and I tried to recall how far back my love for these went.

I bought my first property when I was 25 (a cute 2-bed apartment in Sydney) and I absolutely loved the whole experience! From house hunting, to the settlement (yes, I love making things pretty just as much I love getting my nerd on with budgets and paperwork!), to furnishing my place.

As you can see below (hopefully you can!), I had a natural knack for styling. Of course, I needed to hone in my skills but I didn't do too badly for an unknowing wannabe interior designer/stylist!


Reflecting back

I have fond memories from my high school years of when my family and I would wander around display home villages to check out the gorgeous and perfectly designed houses. In my primary school years, there were plenty of times I would come home to see that mum had re-shuffled the furniture layout again or had sewn another set of curtains and sofa covers again (thanks for the inspo mum 😊).

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Even prior to that, I remember 6-year old me being so content with building a tri-level Lego house for my little Lego friends. I still have the last Lego house I built to this day and just recently, I stumbled across my childhood "architectural" drawings! I'm not always the most sentimental person but these have always been close to my heart.


Taking the plunge

Given my life-long love for interiors, I decided to take the leap and head down the interior design path. I'm now Corporate Woman by day, Design Student by night and Designer/Stylist/Renovator on weekends!

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Some of you may already be lucky enough to be in the field. Others might be doing something totally different and love interiors as a hobby. Whatever the case may be, I hope you'll come on this journey with me as I continue to explore the world of interior design and renovations!

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